Elements trip to the Europeans Jan_2017

Nothing fills the post New Year void quite like a mid-winter week spent amongst the tiled walls and cobbled streets…

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Elements_Checkmat Winter Grading/Ricardo Viera Seminar

This winter marked the largest gathering of Elements students to date. Over 80 students attended for stripe and belt promotion,…

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Rich Caplan Tuff Invitational

Without any hesitation, Elements student Rich Caplan agreed to compete on the Tuff grappling invitational. The show which is based…

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Elements/Checkmat Summer Grading

Elements/Checkmat Brighton Grading – Summer 2016-08-13 While the majority of Brighton were out in force for Pride weekend – Team…

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Elements BJJ at BJJ247 Brighton International BJJ Open 31/07/2016

​Sunday 31st July 2016 saw a large team from Elements Martial Arts attend the annual Brighton International BJJ Open, run…

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